Introducing Balou

Balou is an innovative new marketing tool to help exhibitors reach a wider trade show audience and boost attendee engagement. How do we get them to engage? Well, it's simple: swag. As an exhibitor, you are given access to an administrative portal where you can manage upcoming conferences, the prizes and swag that you plan on giving away, and any special events that you want to promote. The Balou App is designed to provide attendees of a trade show visibility into the free stuff and prizes being given away. We provide an even playing field for all companies to showcase their exciting conference gifts. Great giveaways speak louder than booth location and company size with the trusted Balou App.


People are talking…

Balou App was a great app and resource for DC HUB during the LA FitExpo. It was user friendly, helpful to get guests to navigate to our booth easily and created awareness that highlighted some coveted giveaways. It was functional and efficient app to utilize for the expo, or any expo for that matter. Great app with great people that designed it.

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