Our Story

It all started when our founder attended a large health tech conference in early 2018. While walking the show floor, he noticed a small exhibitor tucked in the back corner of the large hall. The exhibitor was raffling off a beautiful brand new motorcycle. He asked the staff working the booth if a large number of attendees had submitted an entry to win the bike. To his surprise, they responded that it wasn’t the case at all. They claimed that the lack of interest was due to their bad location and lack of marketing budget in promoting their prize.

In that moment, he realized that he needed to find a way to help these smaller exhibitors. Exhibitors already spend quite a bit of their budget on giveaways to help attract future customers. All they would need is a platform to help showcase them. A year later, Balou was born.

Our Mission

To level the playing field for all exhibitors regardless of booth location and company size.